Multi PIC Programmer 5 Ver.1

This is the "Multi PIC programmer" which built when I began hobby electronics one year ago. Although this programmer does not conform to "VPP before VDD", if its point is excepted, I will be satisfied. Also now, I am using this programmer.


One year ago, I have broken a refrigerator in a kitchen of my house accidentally.
Then, I decided to convert it into a non chlorofluocarbon refrigerator at this time.
I knew that there were some which are called "Peltier device." And I converted a refrigerator using this. Although there is no capability which manufactures ice in a converted refrigerator, there is capability which refrigerates food.
However, in a cooling device of a converted refrigerator, frost will reach and freeze immediately. A freeze of a cooling device will reduce cooling efficiency.
I racked my brains for solution of this problem. And I knew about the microcontroller "PIC" and thought that a refrigerator might be able to be controlled using this.
This became a big turning point for me in which at least "the Ohm's Law" had the knowledge about electricity.
I made the "PIC programmer" first.
What I made first was the PIC programmer which connects with a parallel port. This did not work. Then, it was the JDM programmer which I next built. The 1st set of a JDM programmer which I built did not work. The 2nd set of a JDM programmer did not work. The 3rd set of a JDM programmer did not work. But, mind arrived at the thing in which wiring of a D-SUB connector had made a mistake as for me at last. When I redid wiring, it came to work.
I built the fourth set of a JDM programmers using two ZIF sockets. However, I was not satisfied and built the JDM programmer using one ZIF socket. Since it was the 5th set of the JDM programmer which I built, I named this the" PIC programmer 5." My original design is only wiring of a ZIF socket in this the "PIC programmer 5."
I built my homepage, in order to publish "the PIC programmer 5." This was also the first experience for me.
This PIC programmer may be insufficient for the latest small devices which has adopted the algorithm "VPP before VDD." Also now, I am using this PIC Programmer.
About PCB, since PINNING of transistors differ, I offer only a circuit diagram.


3/6/2004 JST