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PICProg4U 中文版

PICProg4U 中文版

PICProg4U supports JDM Programmer Now !

PICProg4U pseudo-controls VDD supply from the JDM Programmer by software
It is recommended to be changed to the
100uF electrolytic capacitor
if the electrolytic capacitor of
22uF is used on your JDM Programmer.


2006-06-19 version 0.8.2
Supports Ukrainian(HTML Help is untranslated for now). Fixed restoring OSCCAL mistake(when erase device).

2006-05-13 version 0.8.0
Experimental JDM Programmer support(including Multi PIC Programmer). PIC12C5XX, PIC12CE5XX, PIC12C67X, PIC12CE67X, PIC16F7X and PIC16F7X7 are supported by using JDM Programmer. Fixed PIC16F630/676 mistake(Configuration word and User ID were not able to be erased). Fixed PIC16F54/57/59 mistake(couldn't enter the programming mode). Fixed PIC16F84A mistake(couldn't erase when code-protected ). Correction of translation mistakes.

2006-04-03 version 0.7.9
Fixed programming of PIC12F508/509(treatment of OSCCAL value such as 00h.) Fixed programming mode entry of PIC16F818/819. Fixed English and Spanish HTML Help. Localized Installer in English, Spanish, Chinese and Japanese.


2006-06-19 JST