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Welcome to the Homepage of FENG3 !
FENG3 is a beginner of hobby electronics. This page contains some information about my project. I will be glad if this page is useful for you.

PIC Programmer Project

Reprogramming becomes impossible to small PIC !

RCD Programmer
Updated !

Ukrainian version is available now!
PIC programming software for RCD Programmer(by FENG3). This software requires .NET Framework 1.1 or later.

Multi PIC Programmer(JDM Programmer)

New Version
Old Version
VPP before VDD
VPP during VDD


Device Positions for Multi PIC Programmer 5V2 (added: 2006-07-16 JST)
PICProg4U supports Ukrainian now (updated: 2006-06-19 JST)
PICProg4U supports your JDM Programmer(Multi PIC Programmer) now (updated: 2006-05-13 JST)
PICProg4U, the PIC programming software for your RCD Programmer (updated: 2006-04-03 JST)
The trick of programming PIC12F508/509 using IC-Prog(modified: 2005-11-11 JST)
PIC12F508,PIC12F509 were supported and tested (added: 2005-02-06 JST)
RCD Programmer for the computers whitch have poor surge protection (added: 2005-02-06 JST)
Multi PIC Programmer 5V2 - An alternative version (added: 2005-02-06 JST)
I added Supported devices list (including known problems)...2004-12-19 JST


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Opinions and any other contents on my site are subject to change without notice.

E-mail to fngwfngATyahoo.co.jp

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